RC Sailboats

Remote Control Sailboats

Just like real sailboats, there's something extra awesome about being powered exclusively through the wind. These model boats are outfitted with a number of sail winch servos that control the sheets and something servo for steering. Many have drop-keels for additional stability.

For the best in relaxation, sailboats offer the lowest maintenance and are very fulfilling in regards to boat-handling skills. With no power other than the wind, skills must be honed to learn how to adjust the sails to take best advantage of wind currents. There is nothing like tacking into the wind, seemingly defying the wind direction.

RC Sailboats use the strength of the wind functioning on sails to propel the boat. Model sailboats are usually controlled using a multi-funnel radio transmitter at the disposal of the operator having a corresponding receiver within the boat. By altering the positioning of the two a joystick around the transmitter signals are sent over two separate channels on one rf (designated towards the individual boat/operator). Included, radio stations receiver is linked to two powered by batteries electric motors or servos. Signals in the radio transmitter are construed through the radio receiver and converted into instructions to alter the positioning of the servos. One servo controls the positioning of both primary and jib sails together (permitting the sails to become trimmed), another the positioning of the rudder (permitting the boat to become steered).

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