RC Warships

Remote Control Warships

What is RC Warship combat? It's a hobby where scale model warships, equipped with low-pressure CO2 cannons, fire small ball bearings in an opposing ship. When enough holes are make the easily punctured balsa wood covered shell to overload the interior bilge pump, the ship will sink. All ships possess a float and recovery line so there's you don't need to frolic in the water unless of course you would like too. Yes, we shoot holes within our models purposely. How else are you able to simulate real ocean battles. It's Allied versus Axis Battleships, and Cruiser motorcycles and Destroyers maneuver for attack, or find it difficult to safeguard the cargo ships which are valiantly looking to get supplies through. Oh, so we cannot forget the necessity to defend your port city from bombardment from ocean. Any queries? Good, you are able to ask any Midwest Fight Group member.

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